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  • Job Title:
    Corporate Sales Manager
  • Seniority:
    Senior Management
  • Employer:
    Danaher / ChemTreat
  • Seniority:
    Senior Management
  • Job Status:
No summary provided.
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My Notes on Mario Silveira


  • Full name:
    Mario Silveira
  • Home region:
  • Home country:
  • Home city:
  • Languages spoken:
    Fluent Portuguese; Working English, Basic Spanish
  • Hobbies / Interests:
    I am interested in continuing to learn, just as I would like to live outside Brazil for a while
  • Networking goals:
    Increase my contacts and exchange technical experiences


  • Professional memberships:
    Chemical engineering
  • Main sector:
    Specialty Chemicals
  • Sector type(s) experience:
    Resources Oil Gas Coal, Resources Water, Base Petrochemicals, Base Polymers, Specialty Polymers, Specialty Additives, Specialty Biocides, Specialty Corrosion Inhibition, Specialty Oil Field Chemicals, Specialty Pulp and Paper Chemicals, Specialty Water Treatment, Specialty Surfactants, Products Equipment, Bioscience Biotechnology
  • Main function:
  • Function type(s) experience:
    Corporate Executive, Commercial Sales, Commercial Marketing, Commercial Development, Commercial Support, Research R&D/Technology, Consulting Management, Consulting Technical
  • Detailed experience:

    Dear Sir

    This is Mario Silveira, chemical engineer, Marketing post graduate, specialize in technical sales, always adding value to the customer, following the companies KPI's, as well as following integrity policies and national laws (compliance at all times), which provided me with a profound knowledge of the Brazilian market and part of the Latin American market, having many contacts at various levels at the companies.

    I have been married for 19 years and I have two children.

    I was evaluated by specialist companies as extremely versatile, focused and persistent, which I fully agree with.

    I always work within the company's  security policies (safety), having no accidents, not even fines with vehicle  in  the last and this year.


    I am looking for a new job opportunity, which can be in Brazil or in another country

    I look forward to hearing for you!



    Mário Silveira

    Value-added selling specialist

    + 55 47 99293 59 81 e whatsApp

    Sype: mario_a_d_silveira


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