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2nd Partnerships in Biocontrol, Biostimulants & Microbiome Congress Thu, Nov 2 2017

A key focus of the event is facilitating collaboration between the over 170 senior representatives from industry and academia who attend. In terms of content, the conference will examine the latest technologies, strategies and research in the growing biologicals industry.

Increasing prioritization of sustainability in agriculture has led to rapid growth in the agricultural biologicals industry. The benefits of biological products in agriculture are significant, and developments in technology and research make agricultural biologicals an exciting, dynamic industry in which to work and study.

To keep up with these developments, this year the congress includes coverage of the latest in plant and soil microbiome research. The addition of roundtable discussions, each led by an expert in areas such as Metagenomics; Biostimulants Regulation; Precision Agriculture; Commercialization & Business Development; Product Formulation; Storage & Delivery; Industry-Academia Collaboration, will enable a more detailed examination of some of the newer trends.