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3rd International Conference on Chemical Engineering Mon, Oct 2 2017

The Future of Chemical Engineering - an Optimistic View

With an aim of exploring the emerging technologies and scientific advancements in Chemical Engineering and its Applications, Conferenceseries LLC announces the 3rd International Conference on Chemical Engineering during October 02-04, 2017 at Chicago, USA with a theme “The Future of Chemical Engineering - an Optimistic View”. On this propitious moment, we invite all the global participants to join us at Chicago, USA to enjoy one of the most anticipated global event.

Chemical Engineering has a number of applications in our day to day lives. Chemical engineering also has applications in production of electronics, clothing, paper and photographic equipment etc. The scope for individuals in the field of chemical engineering is bound to grow in time. This is mainly because of industrial growth as well as the related scarcity of the resources those are required. In future years, chemical engineers will be needed to develop synthetic replacement for those resources as well as materials that are low in supply. In overall, it can be said that chemical engineers will be able to make very crucial contributions to the improvement in addition to the maintenance of the quality of our lives. Chemical Engineering techniques are used for the production of usable, high quality products such as fibres, fabrics, paints, medical drugs, biomaterials, gasoline, lubricants etc used in various industries such as textile, food, plastics, automotive, aerospace, petroleum, oil and gas, biomedical, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, thereby increasing the scope of Chemical Engineering.

Chemical Engineering 2017 is designed with an objective to encourage the global researchers and their research abilities by providing a great opportunity to explore their optimistic view on Chemical engineering and its applications. This esteemed event gathers various chemical industry experts and research scholars. It is a great platform to collaborate with many chemical engineering professionals from all across the globe.

The main highlights of the Chemical Engineering 2017 conference includes Process Engineering, Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering, Separation Processes Petroleum Refining, Petrochemicals, Chemical Technologies, Biochemical Engineering, Thermodynamics, Environmental and Sustainable Chemical Engineering, Crystallization, Renewable Chemicals.

The global chemical engineering market is forecasted to have an incredible market growth in near future. Our market analysis rivals various applications statistics which includes levulinic acid , carbon thermoplastic , crude oil flow improvers, polyolefins, Polytetrafluoroethylene fabric, flue gas, industrial batteries. The final analysis says that all these various fields is projected to reach in range of USD 32.5 million to 9.38 Billion market value by 2021, which clearly shows that chemical fields has an optimistic growth in coming years.

USA has been particularly chosen to host this global gathering as it has a huge chemical market growth, comparatively with other countries. Also it is a hub of major chemical associations and societies, where their main research work relays on sustainable chemicals, preservative chemicals, oil refineries, petrochemicals , renewable chemicals, Electrochemical Engineering and biomolecular Engineering.

Chemical Engineering 2017 main aim is to gather global Chemical Engineers, Chemists, Scientists, Chemical engineering Students, Chemical Industry experts, Professionals from chemical associations and societies, Polymer engineers and leading chemical engineering companies.